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For consistent fuel flow, count on into-M Fuel Filters, mile after mile, to help keep dirt, rust, and other contaminants from getting into your engine.

Dirt, scale, and rust can easily find their way into your fuel tank. A fuel filter helps to prevent contaminants from entering your fuel system and damaging your fuel-injection system or carburetor. Our fuel filters provide excellent filtration performance, flow management, compatibility, and durability to maintain clean fuel flow to your engine.

Spin-On Diesel Fuel Filters

  • Highly effective total flow filtration for diesel fuel with water separation.
  • Superior filter capacity due to the increased area of resin-impregnated, pleated paper filtering media.

In-Tank Fuel Filters

  • Designed to fit inside the fuel tank. Can be equipped with fuel pump.
  • Special materials are used in the processes of construction of the filter body that is designed to function in an aggressive environment inside a fuel tank.

Fuel-Injector Filters

  • Laser-welded seams help to withstand high fuel-injection pressures.
  • Filter media is pleated and impregnated with special materials to help to increase filter capacity, efficiency and durability.
  • A full line of stainless-steel and plastic filter products is thoroughly designed based on manufacture's design specifications for the proper fit onto your vehicle.

Environmental Fuel Filters

  • During servicing, only filter element is replaced while its internal components are not required to be changed for the whole lifespan of the vehicle.
  • The risk of installing of incompatible parts is significantly reduced by using back original external components.
  • Thermoplastic end discs of element are made of recycled materials which help to save the environment. The cost of servicing is reduced.


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